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Things to look for in a trading platform

Price & Trading Fees

Make sure you're aware of all transaction and trading fees applied to the platform you're using. This includes fees to Deposit and Withdraw, trading fees as both Market Maker and Taker, and anything else. Fees can quickly mount up, especially if you're making a lot of trades - be aware of them and price them into your trading strategy accordingly.

Customer Experience

How easy and intuitive is the platform to use? Can you find everything you need and navigate the trading interface easily? What about if you need help - is there good Customer Service Support available? - is it 24/7, phone, email or web chat? Even simple things should be considered - like how often does the platform have issues or go offline for maintenance?

Markets & Features

What Markets do each trading platform offer? Are you looking for Forex, Commodities, publicly traded Stocks & Shares, or Cryptocurrencies? Going a level deeper, what sub-markets or currency pairs are available? BTC-USD, BTC-EUR, and BTC-GBP are common cryptocurrency pairings, but what if you want to trade a more niche market like BTC-AMPL?

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